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Life time extension program for platforms, marine structures and rotational equipment.

One Stop Shop For Monitoring Analysis

In co-operation with Siri Marine and Oliveira we provide,a “ONE-STOP-SHOP” monitoring and guarding your assets:
  • Life-cycle assessment and extension program
  • Better planned maintenance
  • Inspection and (re)-certi cation activities now a real option at minimal cost

Objective Data to Monitor Assets

Monitoring systems, combined with structural engineering and the input from measured environmental data, provides valuable information. The actual condition of the assets is monitored The fatigue loads are measured and and provide a comparison between actual used “life-time” and the designed “life-time”.

How does it work?

  • The data formats come in an agreed format which enables input in the software packages and reduces interface activities and costs
  • Periodical reports will be issued with short-term condition reports, long-term condition reports and fatigue assessments.
  • All data is stored on a secure facility and can be retrieved at any time in the future for further post-processing


  • A single point of contact for the complete range of condition / environmental monitoring requirements and post-processing of data.
  • For new structures the design and construction drawings are available and can easily be imported in our software.
  • For existing structures we have the capability to perform full on-site surveys and build a new 3D model.
  • For older existing structures we can perform a fatigue assessment:
  • 6-DoF accelerations are collected over a period,
  • Actual environmental conditions during that period are compared with the statistical conditions
  • Fatigue assessment is carried by extrapolation of the results for the monitoring period.

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