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Pipeline Division

We apply our engineering design skills to a wide range of works in the Oil & Gas sector, right across the engineering project life- cycle.
From feasibility studies to commissioning and start up in the execution of EPCC projects; from site assistance to operation & maintenance for general services; from detailed engineering design, including technical deliverables, material requisition, technical bid evaluation and supplier follow-up, to planned maintenance shut down and predictive maintenance engineering.
The most advanced technologies are employed with a view to keeping the standard of design high and executing projects in compliance with all international and local standards, as well as with the client’s technical speci cations and any contractual obligation.
This is a significant advantage that only engineering structures that are fully integrated with EPCC general contractors can benefit from.

As of to date Fusionspace Sdn. Bhd. has successfully completed more than 150km of pipeline construction throughout the region.

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